Shared Drawables Test

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[LENGTH] 00:15


[OVERVIEW] Tests the performance of linked objects and linked attachments

[SETUP] Requirements: 1 User, Rezzable area


[0010] Make sure linked objects don't blink out of existence, change lighting, or look different in any way when they start moving and stop moving for a few seconds.

[0020] Make a linked object with a script on it that makes it move continually (spin in a circle) then perform the following actions:

[0030] Zoom in on a child object, the camera should not go "wonky"

[0040] Edit a child object without unlinking the group

[0050] Sit on a child object

[0060] Attach text to a child object

[0070] Perform the above actions on attachment. Note that certain operations (zooming in) do not work the same on attached objects or are not possible (sitting).