Simple Texture Changer (input list)(more than one side).lsl

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//                                                                                                          *
//            		  --Simple Texture Changer (input list)(more than one side)--                           *
//                                                                                                          *
//  by Alphons van der Heijden (SL: Alphons Jano)
//Creator: Bobbyb30 Swashbuckler
//Attribution: None required, but it is appreciated.
//Created: November 5, 2009
//Last Modified: November 26, 2009
//Released: Saturday, November 28, 2009
//License: Public Domain

//Status: Fully Working/Production Ready
//Version: 1.0.1

//Name: Simple Texture Changer (input list)(more than one side).lsl
//Purpose: To change the texture on certain sides of a prim.
//Technical Overview: The script finds how many textures there are in the input list, and uses a timer to change the
//                    texture on a side based on randomness or order. It changes all sides of the certain prim to the
//                    specified texture
//Description: A simple texture changer script that changes the texture on certain sides of a prim based on those in
//             the input list. It allows for a random order, or a logical "next up" order.
//Directions: Create a prim. Place the script in prim inventory. Modify the script parameters to suit your needs and
//            save.

//Compatible: Mono & LSL compatible
//Other items required: None.
//Notes: Uses a timer event. Should be low lag. Commented for easier following.

//Adjustable global may change these
//texture list...this list should have 2 or more textures
list textures = [
    "00000000-0000-0000-0000-0000e0000000"];//put your texture UUIDs/keys in here

//Please note there is a .2 second delay between prims.
//For all sides or only 1 side, use the <<<<<insert script here>>>>>
list sides = [0,1,2,5];//put in which sides you want the texture to be changed on.
float frequency = 2.0;//how often to change the texture in seconds. Shouldn't be below 2.0

//please note that the last and first texture will be shown less frequently than those in between
integer random = TRUE;//whether to show the textures randomly, or in order
integer duplicatecheck = TRUE;//if random is true, this will check to make sure the random selection is a new texture

//global not change
integer numberoftextures;//number of textures in inventory
integer currenttexture;//inventory number of current texture
integer numberofsidestochange;//the length of the sides list

changetexture()//user function to change texture
    integer counter;
    string texture = llList2String(textures,currenttexture);//gets texture key
        //llOwnerSay("side:" + (string)llList2Integer(sides,counter) + " for: " + (string)texture);//debug
    }while(++counter <numberofsidestochange);

    on_rez(integer start_param)//on rez reset...probably not needed.
        llOwnerSay("Bobbyb's 'Simple Texture Changer (input list)(more than one side).lsl' (Public Domain 2009)");
        llOwnerSay("Because knowledge should be free.");
        numberoftextures = llGetListLength(textures);//speed hack here
        numberofsidestochange = llGetListLength(sides);//length of the sides list...possible speed hack goes here
        //assume correct
        llOwnerSay("There are " + (string)numberoftextures + " pictures which I will change every "
            + (string)frequency  + " seconds on " + (string)numberofsidestochange + " sides which are"
            + llList2CSV(sides));
        llOwnerSay("My current free memory is : " + (string)llGetFreeMemory()
            + " bytes. If it is below 2500 bytes, I may not work properly.");
        if(random)//show pics randomly
            integer randomtexture;
            if(duplicatecheck)//whether to make sure random doesn't repeat itself
                    randomtexture= llRound(llFrand(numberoftextures - 1));
                    //llOwnerSay("r" + (string)randomtexture);//debug
                }while(randomtexture == currenttexture);//make sure the random one isn't the same as the current one
            else//no duplicate check
                randomtexture = llRound(llFrand(numberoftextures - 1));//generate random texture number
            currenttexture = randomtexture;//set the current one to the random one selected
            changetexture();//change the texture
            //llOwnerSay("c" + (string)currenttexture);//debug
        else//not random, go in order
            if(currenttexture == numberoftextures)//if current texture = number of textures, reset counter
                currenttexture = 0;
            changetexture();//change the texture
            //llOwnerSay("c" + (string)currenttexture);//debug