SkyBeam Microcontinent

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SkyBeam is a Microcontinent structure found on grid map at Coordinates 854-860/1157-1163, Grid Sector H11, Western Ocean. Its transitory name is A143.


This is actually not a microcontinent. Its surface is divided by missing sims into 3 microcontinents. Majority of sims share the word SkyBeam in their names.


All 3 microcontinents offer a high variety of land. In West, there are many small residential islands. Nountains, hills and plains can be found anywhere, even a sandbox exists. A maximum Altitude looks to be 93 meters. In SkyBeam Phoenix there is a small railway.

Land Status

There is a single setate owning all 3 microcontinents. Land is available for sale.

An interesting fact is that almost every sim has a welcome area for teleport entrance.

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