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  • #New Residents need a ''reason'' to stay in (and learn about) SL. A goal or something attr #:Provide a reason why Residents should stay and they'll invest time on learning.
    42 KB (6,645 words) - 15:56, 17 July 2008
  • ...e group (focus on translations, umbrella group, opening for all interested Residents...). ...part of the Jira is in French, rest is in English and the Wiki page is in English too.
    36 KB (5,888 words) - 17:08, 12 November 2008
  • By '''tone''', we refer to the way Second Life residents should be addressed. ...Ownner" makes wise choice "Propietario). We should not follow the original English syntactic structure too closely, what matters is the meaning.
    20 KB (3,289 words) - 01:53, 19 August 2009
  • ...speaking_of|{{#ifexist: User:speaking of|[[User:speaking of|speaking of]]|speaking of}}}} ...:0 3px;"|Nimh, you've made your point. I'm not going to go fix them in the middle of my office hour, but I will find out why they are the way they are.
    73 KB (9,082 words) - 13:21, 4 February 2011
  • ...n Wendt|Gordon Wendt]]: Mojito, you have a bunch of panicky, upset, scared residents, do you honestly think the majority of them will be able to tellt the diffe ...uate. If you can't define something tightly in the ToS, then it means that residents can never be sure if they're behaving well or conravening the ToS. And it m
    54 KB (8,704 words) - 14:44, 18 November 2009
  • ...elp by commenting, correcting, or improving the translation. The original English text is [[SL5B/Transcripts|here]]. who will be speaking about what the future holds for Second Life.
    99 KB (7,476 words) - 04:22, 13 August 2008
  • ...ce:normal;"|I was just reading the JIRA, but for me it is all greek, I use english myself | style="white-space:normal;"|Before 1.23, CJK language speaking residents suffer from inconsistant fonts in the interface. Now they are merely suffer
    46 KB (6,010 words) - 16:50, 16 July 2009
  • ...e should colour code names for whether they've got voice on, voice off and speaking | style="white-space:normal;"|Or maybe it's just me using an English version of Vista.
    208 KB (27,243 words) - 17:51, 20 November 2008
  • ...Joe Linden: if listening on a voice line, please mute your phone when not speaking...'' ...ite-space:normal;"|And just to make it more difficult, ensure when you are speaking you are standing on your head :)
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