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  • #[[Tao_of_Volunteers|Volunteers gotta be nice DAMN IT]] ...don't mind. But probaly my written english is a bit better than the spoken english.^^
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  • ...this guide is to provide stylistic guidelines for in-house translators and volunteers working on the Viewer, web pages, KB articles, e-mails, blog entries, annou ...Ownner" makes wise choice "Propietario). We should not follow the original English syntactic structure too closely, what matters is the meaning.
    20 KB (3,289 words) - 01:53, 19 August 2009
  • *[13:47 SLT] [[User:Jeremy Linden|Jeremy Linden]] is in the middle. ...cle might be perfectly accurate, complete, and clear... but written in Old English or something. Style makes sure that all our articles read with roughly the
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  • ...elp by commenting, correcting, or improving the translation. The original English text is [[SL5B/Transcripts|here]]. who will be speaking about what the future holds for Second Life.
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