Syntax Highlighting Examples

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This extension enables including code with syntax highlighting. You can use the following tags:

"actionscript-french", "actionscript", "ada", "apache", "applescript", 
"asm", "asp", "bash", "c", "caddcl", "cadlisp", "cpp", "csharp", 
"css", "c_mac", "d", "delphi", "diff", "dos", "eiffel", 
"freebasic", "gml", "html4strict", "ini", "inno", "java", "javascript", 
"lisp", "lua", "matlab", "mpasm", "nsis", "objc", "ocaml-brief", 
"ocaml", "oobas", "oracle8", "pascal", "perl", "php-brief", "php", 
"python", "qbasic", "ruby", "scheme", "sdlbasic", "smarty", "sql", 
"vb", "vbnet", "vhdl", "visualfoxpro", "xml");


Text before code. <php><?php

   $v = "string";    // sample initialization

?> html text <?

   echo $v;         // end of php code

?> </php> Text after code.


Text before code. <python> # Hello World in Python

def main():
    print "Hello World!"

if __name__ == '__main__':

Text after code.


Text before code.

<cpp>#include <iostream>

int main(int argc, char** argv) {

   std::cout << "hai, can i haz c++ nao?" << std::endl;
   return 0;


Text after code.


Text before code.


OMG Look at This

Wait where did he get that penguin from?


Text after code.