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Polygon Support

I'm exporting nurbs models just fine but the exported files for polygons have weird black edges to them. Anyone know what i can do to prevent them? Anyone have success with polys? I'm using Maya 7.0.1.

general discussion

Ok, I've been trying to get this process of bringing in a model into SL using this exporter. It looks like it should really work great but unfortunately it's not working for me after several (3 days) college tries.

Enough whining: I modeled a shoe starting with a Nurbs Sphere primitive and added a blinn material with a texture in the color channel, selected it, and ran the script.

what happens is that the script exports the script and two bitmaps,files: sculpt-nurbsSphere1.bmp and sculpt-nurbsSphere1-surface.bmp.

-sculpt-nurbsSphere1.bmp is a mostly white 64x64 texture with a thin horizontal pink strip along the top edge that fades to white.

sculpt-nurbsSphere1-surface.bmp is completely black.

I read in one of the tutorials here that using a Nurbs primitive with a texture was the best modeling method. The export process returns no errors so I'm assuming it's working ok.

So I have a couple of questions: How is a 'sculpted Prim' going to work if the texture that sculpts geometry is completely black? Isn't that going to make an object that has no depth?

I've run this script before and it has generated a file with many colors and what looks like uv maps or something based on the geometry but not this time. After uploading the file (paying for the upload) to check it, it looks nothing like what I modeled. I know there's other scripts that need to be run but what are the chances of it working correctly when the files that are output from the script are a totally black file, and a mostly white file with a pink strip. It's hard to imagine that ever becoming a nicely modeled nurbs shoe with a leopard skin texture like the one I have on it's surface in Maya. What am I missing after days of trying with no success?

I'd reaaaalllllllyyyyyy like to get a maya model with nice textures and shading uploaded into SL.

Somebody, Please, make my month.

Here's the contents of the script: newPrim prim -setObjectName nurbsSphere1 -deleteScript shape -setSculpt sculpt-nurbsSphere1 1 -deleteScript texture -setTexture sculpt-nurbsSphere1-surface -1 -deleteScript transform -setScale 1.116997553 0.7740672316 0.4738042387 -gotoRelativePos 0.01619318658 0.334221295 -0.02874745658 -deleteScript


wrong rotation?

I jus ran in this page and tried all the steps. I used a simple 3-rounded-cubes nurbs shape in maya and exported first using the old sculpt.mel script, no problems. Then I used the new nifty script with baked textures support and I noticed the shape in SL looked veeery wrong. After further examination, I noticed the difference between the 2 sets of sculpt textures: the new script creates ALL textures (sculpt and surface) wrongly rotated 90 degrees clockwise. Therefore, in order for them to look right, I have to manually rotate all of them 90 degrees counterclockwise. It works, but... The 3 rounded cubes don't get rezzed in the correct position in SL as they looked in Maya. I double checked every step and the positioning is very wrong, even if the sizes do match. I am guessing it's 'cause of the rotation problem, not very sure about it as I am no Maya scripting expert. Anyone has any other feedback about this? Using Maya 8.5