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Safe strings

Passing strings verbatim to llJsonSetValue or llList2Json is not safe. One way to escape strings properly to make them safe for use with both is to use this function:

string String2Json(string s)
    return llGetSubString(llList2Json(JSON_OBJECT, [s,""]), 1, -5);


llOwnerSay(String2Json(llUnescapeURL("%09"))); // outputs: Object: "\t"
llOwnerSay(String2Json("\n")); // outputs: Object: "\n"
llOwnerSay(String2Json("this \"string\" is not safe")); // outputs: Object: "this \"string\" is not safe"
llOwnerSay(String2Json("\"ab\"")); // outputs: Object: "\"ab\""

// Examples of use with the corresponding functions:
llOwnerSay(llJsonSetValue("[]", [0], String2Json("this \"string\" is not safe")));
llOwnerSay(llList2Json(JSON_ARRAY, [String2Json("this \"string\" is not safe")]));
// both output: Object: ["this \"string\" is not safe"]

--Sei Lisa 17:22, 6 June 2014 (PDT)

Due to BUG-6495 this won't work. Nothing will. JSON is just broken.--Sei Lisa (talk) 07:27, 27 January 2015 (PST)

String Handling Caveat

Currently the caveats section lists string handling as not enclosing strings automatically in inverted commas, however I just tried this myself and it does not appear to be true, as strings were enclosed as I would expect; was this historic behaviour during testing? Can the caveat be removed? -- --Haravikk 02:50, 13 November 2016 (PST)

There clearly is still a difference, using the expressions shown in the warning. just as documented. The following script:
        llOwnerSay(llDumpList2String(llJson2List(llList2Json(JSON_ARRAY,  ["bacon", "true", "false", "null"])),  "~"));
        llOwnerSay(llDumpList2String( llJson2List(llList2Json(JSON_ARRAY, ["\"bacon\"", "\"true\"", "\"false\"", "\"null\"" ])), "~"));
[11:40] Object: bacon~﷖~﷗~﷕
[11:40] Object: bacon~true~false~null
--ObviousAltIsObvious Resident (talk) 11:45, 14 November 2016 (PST)