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I'm too new at scripting to actually change the wiki page, but I see a possible problem. The parameters listed for PRIM_TYPE_TUBE don't include the "revolutions" parameter. It skips from "taper" to "radius_offset" (even mentioning that the latter depends on revolutions).

I've tested this and it does indeed require the "revolutions" parameter. Moreover, in the examples at the bottom of the page, "revolutions" IS listed for PRIM_TYPE_TUBE.

There should be a total of 11 parameters to PRIM_TYPE TUBE, but only 10 are listed:

[ PRIM_TYPE, PRIM_TYPE_TUBE, integer hole_shape, vector cut, float hollow, vector twist, vector hole_size, vector top_shear, vector advanced_cut, vector taper, float radius_offset, float skew ]

Could someone verify this before I make an embarrassing change to this Wiki? (I have never edited a wiki in my life - 1st or 2nd.)

Thanks, Cyd Mar 8, 2009