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I agree, 100%. I've noticed that many SL 3D concepts come directly from basic 3D graphics libraries such as OpenGL. Wouldn't this correspond to a kind of scenegraph?

Hi, I think we just need one new value and two new functions\n\n

A "second parent" or "minor parent" or "???" for every child prims, that is UUID of and other child prim (or by default the real parent prim)\n\n

And two functions :\n llSetLocalRot2() == the same that llSetLocalRot() but with second parent\n llSetPos2() == the same that llSetPos() but with second parent if the prim is a child prim\n\n

Then we can move all child prims with their "second parent" or with the real root prim\n\n

Rohacan Hirons.\n (Sorry for my poor english, I hope you'll understand me XD)\n