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SO MUCH irrelevant and just plain wrong info on this topic.

1.Sculpties are NOT NURBS, not even close... why all the crap about NURBS, they are NOT NURBS.

2. The charts suck, its a frickin globe just like you saw in pre-frickin school, a frickin globe... get it?

3.They are much simpler to edit with a hex editor and some decent templants than bouncing them back and forth between some 2d and 3d programs that don't accurately translate the file and may contain viruses malware,etc.

4. Why didn't Second life clarify all this when they set the spec? Its a great spec that does an awful lot w/ very limitted resources but they threw it to the wolves and the mitten-pawed Mac weenies and script kiddies never saw how simple and elegant it was and made all these tools, (apparently some self-referential irony on their part) that make a simple task more complicated. It's simple, LISTEN: each pixel is a 3d coordinate and because it is a pixel it has a 2d coordinate due to where it occurs in the sculptie/.bmp file, cafreekeenpeeesh? The texture maps to 2d location of each coord, ok doofus? Go forth and and sculpt with a bit bit a finesse and some L$'s you can stream right out of your hex-editor buffer to SL. I'm not a as much a genius as someone that refuse to be confused by a bunch of squawking idiots. Just remember each coord is a hex triplet 000000-ffffff and each coord is placed in 3d space according to its RGB value, each 3d coord maps to a 2d position of the texture map acording to where it is in the file, ie: RGB value at line 63 position 63 on a 128x128 bit bmp is mapped to pixel closest to center just left and up.