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Why is it such a bad idea to run around SL with your money in your inventory? Is this a fear based on the false notion that your money can be stolen without your permission?

You say that the first no_sensor() fires immediately. Did you actually test this? In my test it fires for the first time AFTER the delay/repeat period (60 seconds).

Anyway, it would be much easier to just keep a timer running with a ten second interval, and use a global counter within timer() to decide when 60 seconds has expired, or use llGetUnixTime(). Use a global flag for times when you don't want to take any action on your 10 second interval.

Or even better:-

           DONORS  = llList2List (DONORS, 0, 23) + llKey2Name(id);
           RETRIEVERS = llList2List (RETRIEVERS, 0, 23) + llKey2Name(id);

keeps both lists under control without the need for any periodic housekeeping

Why don't you remove the listener right at the start of your listen event, rather than coding llListenRemove() 8 times?

Similar with llSetTimer(); There's un-needed duplication there.

What are you hoping to achieve with llSleep(llGetRegionTimeDilation()); dotted around your script? That's just silly.

What a bizarre inefficient way of searching a list!! ====>>>> if(llSubStringIndex(llDumpList2String(STASH_USERS, " "), llDetectedKey(0)) == -1) return; Have you never heard of llListFindList() ? (even if you needed to cast llDetectedKey(0) to a string)

If you know the UUIDs of your users, I'm sure you know their names! So why all this llRequestAgentData stuff?

All-in-all I find it surprising that anyone would want to be so protective, and want to wrap different license agreements around this dubious script and concept.

Before worrying about :-

// [K] Kira Komarov - 2011, License: GPLv3 // // Please see:

maybe you should learn how to write good scripts!

Omei Qunhua 13:47, 25 December 2012 (PST)