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I'm not sure people can identify with the descriptions provided.

You may wish to add improved and identifiable names to the types of lag in this section, for instance:

  • SIM boarder lag (fly-away lag) including Vehicle lag. Solution: cross boarders more slowly. possible improvements .... reduce inventory count and remove attached objects.
  • Frozen AV lag (AV will not move) Solution: re-log, this is a hanging program problem.
  • Slow AV lag (jello lag , like walking in jello) Solution: reduce graphics settings
  • Sit lag (lost in limbo lag) Solution: ask the sit object owner to replace this item with one that works without the lag (bad script).
  • Inventory lag, inventory repeatedly loads or loads slowly. Problem: new servers or software problem in viewer 2
  • Chat lag. Problem: server or connectivity issue(s).
  • Search and groups lag. Problem: server problem or connectivity issue(s).
  • Ground lag (AV sinks into the ground) No solution suggested. Most likely a mathematical anomaly in the program (possibly an algorithmic problem) that creates a perceived weakness in the grid. It is a hole of sorts.

Note: All solutions suggested are partial solutions only and may or may not work in all situations. This list is "not" all inclusive, other more minor forms of lag will need to be added and solutions suggested.