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Suggestion: put dates next to all videos.

Suggestion: put dates (of production) next to all videos. New folks in SL especially, but anyone as well, will benefit from knowing how old the videos are. This will become even more important as the months and years pass.

With knowledge of how recently a video was produced, a user can understand and take into account why things (the user interface especially) in the video look and behave differently than his/her own experience inworld.

A simple way to lessen confusion for newer users.

I was totally thinking the same thing, and pardon I didn't see this until now — what I've started doing is including the version each video was filmed in near the beginning. I went with version over date because it's more useful. My appreciation for your suggestion! - Torley-favicon.png Torley on 2008-05-23 @ 3:18 PM PST

Dead link

The tutorial begind this link: Building and scripting series - By Seeter Sullivan. * How to build a chair does not exist anymore. Mallory Destiny 00:24, 18 August 2008 (PDT)

Thanks Mallory! I've removed it — feel free to edit future deadlinks. - Torley-favicon.png Torley on 2008-08-23 @ 6:59 AM PST