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The Virtual Railway Consortium group page is maintained by members of the VRC. If you have questions about the content of these pages you can put them here.

Proposal to set up VRC development pages

Rail information system

The VRC is developing an open specification for a generalised signaling and control system (SCADAD, Signal Control, Data Auisition and Delivery) for public transport in SL-like virtual worlds.

I would like to start a set of pages to document the state of development. More informal talk and discussion can be done on the VRC website, but the outcome of those discussions and some more general remarks about the system would be well positioned here. The SLRR pages are not well suited for this type of discussion information since the SCADAD system in not limited the SLRR and because as far as SLRR equipment go's we can only follow the developments. Here i would like to discuss possible extensions of exisiting standards and try out new ideas. The new wiki pages should document existing VRC systems and standards. On the VRC webpage we could discuss possible extensions of exisiting standards and try out new ideas.

I propose to create aheading on the main page called "VRC open development" and under that a link to the the SCADAD rail information system, and possibly to other projects.

Does this sound sensible?

Vaughn Deluca 14:20, 8 January 2011 (UTC)

re: proposal rail information system: The wiki is a place to put reference pages for others to see how things at are actually used inworld are made or used. Wiki is less suitable for discussions.

Stryker J 23:01, 8 January 2011 (UTC)

Stryker, I completely agree, thats why I wrote

More informal talk and discussion can be done on the VRC website, but the outcome of those discussions...

I have removed the last line of my intro, that slipped in, and actually was intended to refer to the VRC website and clarified the text.

My intention is be to publish in the wiki:

  • The standards for the VRC Projects as far as they have been set
  • Inworld Locations were reference implementations are deployed
  • A repository of released VRC scripts

At least the SCADAD project has reached a point were certain parts (like the message template) are very unlikly to change anymore. Soon a request for comments will go out on the proposed standard. We need a place to document the standard, so other people to that would like to work on VRC projects can find it.

Real development discussion is indeed better done on the VRC website, and in the near future i will start some discussions in the scripters forum there, for instance outlining my thoughts on ways to efficiently compute and distribute "estimated time of arrival" information. Once that system is hammered out it will be implemented inworld, for instance in Huckleberry or the VRC Yard in Tuliptree, and only at that point the documentation might appear on the VRC wiki. But for the SCADAD template that stage has been reached, it has been running for almost a year in Huckleberry without failure, and it was fine-tuned during developement. We are now actually at version 4 of the pre-alpha stage, and its time to set the standard and freeze the template. We need a place to do that.

Vaughn Deluca 08:57, 9 January 2011 (UTC)