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Is anything EVER going to happen to fix VWR-1317? It's getting more and more frustrating to be a non-voice user in SL. -- Argent Stonecutter 13:18, 7 August 2007 (PDT)

One interesting part is missing here: How can i change my voice, will a voice changer be supported? --Sascha Vandyke 17:52, 2 August 2007 (PDT)

Although Linden Lab at some point did mention that an in-built voice-changing/morphing editor will be supported in SL, in the mean time, you can use any of the popular voice morphing tools, like AV Voice Changer or MorphVox. Gwygory Voom is an employee of Screaming Bee who is glad to help you out with setting up MorphVox properly, and they have even designed a voice pack specifically for SL Furries. Sadly, they haven't got a Mac version (yet — also working on it!) but if you've got a Mac, you can use GarageBand and use Ali Maltz tips to get it working with SL.
Don't expect miracles with either of these technologies, though :) They work, but they're no perfect. Still, they have been progressively advancing in technology and at least you'll have some fun sounding like a Bunny or Dragon :)
Gwyneth Llewelyn 03:44, 3 August 2007 (PDT)

Question Typo

--You have a wikifying typo at the end:
"====Is Voice open source>" should be "====Is Voice open source?====", right? -Smiley.

The answer looks wrong, too. At least ATM. See SLDEV-Traffic_23: Apologies, and Voice for Linux -- Boroondas Gupte 10:04, 20 August 2007 (PDT)

VoIP blocked in some countries

Just to let you know ... there are countries where VoIP is actively being blocked, like in the UAE in the Middle East. If you happen to live in one of these countries, don't expect Voice to work in SL. Skype does not work here either.

Wrong URL

The very first question points to an invalid URL: The correct is

Thanx! Fixed. --Torley Linden 15:47, 19 August 2007 (PDT)


Linux client is not supported. Looks like SLVoice.exe is closed-source and was not ported to Linux machine, but I'm not sure.

Some people told me it could be possible to run SLVoice.exe on Windows (under vmware or something) or Wine and Linux client would be able to use it, maybe with some hacks.

Meanwhile, people are forced to use skype or any other voip service.

More Port Info Needed

The many users of SL in Educational or Corporate LAN settings need to give their admins full information about the need for SLvoice to access port 5060 or 5062 on the network, so the port(s) can be made available. Additionally, the network admin will want to know if the connection is TCP UDP or both. So, is it TCP, UDP, or Both? Please add this info to the article, Thanks!