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   | sect  = {{{1|}}}
   | sect  = {{{1|}}}
   | issue = may '''require {{Wikipedia|Wikipedia:cleanup|cleanup}}''' to meet this wiki's [[Editing Guidelines]]. {{#if:{{{2|{{{reason|}}}}}}
   | issue = may '''require {{Wikipedia|Wikipedia:cleanup|cleanup}}''' to meet this wiki's [[Editing Guidelines]]. {{#if:{{{2|{{{reason|}}}}}}
     |The specific problem is: '''{{Terminate sentence|{{{2|{{{reason}}}}}}}}'''
     |The specific problem is: '''{{Terminate sentence|{{{2|{{{reason|(unknown)}}}}}}}}'''
   | talk  = {{{talk|{{{talksection|}}}}}}
   | talk  = {{{talk|{{{talksection|}}}}}}

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	"description": "Template used to propose some cleanup of a page",
    "format": "inline",
	"params": {
		"1": {
			"aliases": ["reason"],
			"label": "reason",
			"description": "The reason the article is in need of cleanup",
            "example": "The reason ...",
			"type": "content"
		"2": {
			"description": "discussion page name if not equal to the discussion page of the page the template is placed on",
			"example": "Talk:Wiki / 2=Tag:highway=motorway",
			"type": "wiki-page-name"
		"lang": {
			"description": "language code, use if the language inferred from the page title is not correct",
			"example": "uk",
			"type": "string",
			"default": "en"
		"nocat": {
			"description": "insert any text to switch off categorisation, useful for wiki manuals like \"Wiki organisation\"",
			"type": "string"

Add this template at the top of pages requiring some cleanup.

  • A short optional text may also be specified in the first parameter (possibly named |reason=) to describe or explain the cleanup actions that need to be performed within the page including this template.
  • The talk page linked from the message is by default the talk page associated to the current page, but an alternative talk page may be specified in optional second parameter.
  • Specify the language of the message by |lang=*, otherwise the language is determined from the current page (using {{Langcode}}).

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