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This template uses ISO 639-3 codes, which provide disambiguation for some languages over ISO 639-1 (which was used by Template:languages-spoken).

This template is designed to be much simpler to use, and (theoretically) less taxing on the server.

If you are in doubt as to how to use this template, ask a Wiki Scribe

I don't know the code for my language

You can either:

Commonly used language codes

  • nld - Dutch
  • eng - English
  • fra - French
  • deu - German
  • jpn - Japanese
  • por - Portuguese
  • spa - Spanish (Castilian)



  • {{ISO 639-3/cat-speaking|eng}} returns
    • [[Category:English speaking Residents|{{{PAGENAME}}}]]
  • {{ISO 639-3/cat-speaking|eng|sort=foo}} returns
    • [[Category:English speaking Residents|foo]]

TSL Residents

  • {{ISO 639-3/cat-speaking|eng|TSL Residents}} returns
    • [[Category:English speaking TSL Residents|{{{PAGENAME}}}]]
  • {{ISO 639-3/cat-speaking|eng|TSL Residents|sort=foo}} returns
    • [[Category:English speaking TSL Residents|foo]]


  • {{ISO 639-3/cat-speaking/Volunteers|fra}} returns
    • [[Category:French speaking Volunteers|{{PAGENAME}}]]
    • [[Category:French speaking Residents|{{PAGENAME}}]]
  • {{ISO 639-3/cat-speaking/Volunteers|fra|sort=foo}} returns
    • [[Category:French speaking Volunteers|foo]]
    • [[Category:French speaking Residents|foo]]

TSL Volunteers

  • {{ISO 639-3/cat-speaking/Volunteers|fra|TSL Volunteers|TSL Residents}} returns
    • [[Category:French speaking TSL Volunteers|{{PAGENAME}}]]
    • [[Category:French speaking TSL Residents|{{PAGENAME}}]]
  • {{ISO 639-3/cat-speaking/Volunteers|fra|TSL Volunteers|TSL Residents|sort=foo}}{{ISO 639-3/cat-speaking|fra|TSL Residents|sort=foo}} returns
    • [[Category:French speaking TSL Volunteers|foo]]
    • [[Category:French speaking TSL Residents|foo]]


  • {{ISO 639-3/cat-speaking|eng|Lindens}} returns
    • [[Category:English speaking Lindens|{{PAGENAME}}]]
  • {{ISO 639-3/cat-speaking|eng|Lindens|sort=foo}} returns
    • [[Category:English speaking Lindens|foo]]

Linden Volunteers

  • {{ISO 639-3/cat-speaking/Linden Volunteers|eng}} returns
    • [[Category:English speaking Volunteers|{{PAGENAME}}]]
    • [[Category:English speaking Lindens|{{PAGENAME}}]]
  • {{ISO 639-3/cat-speaking/Linden Volunteers|eng|sort=foo}} returns
    • [[Category:English speaking Volunteers|foo]]
    • [[Category:English speaking Lindens|foo]]