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This template is supposed to provide a language bar for Old Knowledge Base translations via Template:Kbl10n/ml, as well as an easy method to document already translated pages via Template:Kbl10n/table.


Please create subpages of this template with the name scheme: Template:Kbl10n/ENGLISH_KB_ID for each new localized KB article.

E.g.: Template:Kbl10n/5816


|en_title=ENGLISH-KB-TITLE (optional, for hovertext)

The _jira variables can store the related Jira issue ID.

The _up variables can store the date when the last update of the article occured.

The _note variables can store additional notes.

It is not required to add info to all variables.

Please don't touch the |mode={{{mode|view}}} variable.


|en_title=Xstreet Merchants and Shoppers FAQs
|de=Häufig gestellte Fragen von Xstreet-Händlern und Kunden (KB)
|fr=FAQ Vendeurs Acheteurs Xstreet (KB)
|ja=Xstreetで商品を販売購入するためのFAQ (KB)


The subtemplates of this template can be included with {{kbl10n/KB-ID}} to add the language bar to the connected KB article. E.g. {{kbl10n/5816}} to FAQ Vendeurs Acheteurs Xstreet (KB) and Xstreetで商品を販売購入するためのFAQ (KB).

This will create a box in the sidebar, containing language links. Using mode=legacyml will result in a languagebar like this: