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Template:TVT stands for Torley Video Tutorial and is supposed to be used for... yeah, you guessed it: Torley's Video Tutorials (^_^)


The template uses Template:Help and therefor includes the Help Header. It does not add Template:Multi-lang since most video tutorials most probably won't become translated. If some are translated nevertheless, please add Template:Multi-lang to the video tutorials article instead of changing the template.
Besides the help header, it also adds a Video Tutorial Header.

You can also add the video tutorial to different categories, placing an asterisk (*) behind the equal (=) sign of the category.

To use the template, please provide the youtube video code and place it in between the videoflash tags behind the source variable in the spec. You can also provide a download link for the video as well as the URL to the related blog entry. RelatedLinks= gives you the possibility to add... related links (^_^). Same with Notes=.

In case a video is added to the VidTutClassics, the page automatically displays a warning box which informs the user that the provided info might be out-of-date.

Important: Please use the name scheme Video_Tutorial/NAME for the video tutorial to unify naming and increase searchability.

Min Spec: {{TVT





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