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Firestorm Firestorm

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Support Email: admin at phoenixviewer dot com
Second Life Contact: Jessica Lyon

Platforms: Windows WindowsMacOS MacOSLinux Linux


Firestorm is a community development project headed by The Phoenix Viewer Project as an alternative viewer for Second Life. The primary goals for this viewer is to improve the user experience while extending usability and functionality of the Viewer 2 code base. We package contributions from various community developers along with code from Linden Lab and of course ourselves to bring you a quality, feature-rich viewer experience backed up by a large volunteer support team available 24/7. The current release of Firestorm viewer is in an alpha stage of development and is not necessarily ready for full time use. Support from our support team will be minimal at best until we finalize an "Official Release" of the viewer, however you can join our in world group "Phoenix-Firestorm Preview Group" in world for resident help. We hope to have an Official Release which we can provide full support for by March of 2011.


  • Dockable/undockable nearby chat floater
  • Ability to type in nearby chat floater
  • V1 style friend and group lists in the communications window
  • RLVa
  • Removal of side bar tabs to the bottom bar
  • Un-docked side bar panels can be closed and re-opened from bottom bar buttons
  • Un-docked side bar panels remember their last location/size etc.
  • Ability to hide Home, Profile and Places side tab buttons on the bottom bar
  • Multiple Profile floaters
  • Several additional skins with and without side bar
  • Voice button is hidden when voice is not available
  • Cmdline options from Phoenix Viewer
  • Disable TP screens, Login & Logout progress screens
  • Vertical IM tabs
  • Worn tab in inventory floater
  • Location address bar in the menu bar
  • Ability to hide the bottom chat bar via re size
  • Viewer 1 style cursors and inventory art
  • Additional Windlight sky and water presets
  • Additional support for new GPU's
  • Hundreds of bug fixes, and much more to come as we progress.


Disclaimer: Linden Lab makes no representations or warranties regarding any of the listed viewers or developers. These third-party viewers are not affiliated with or overseen by Linden Lab. Please take reasonable precautions, including virus scanning, before installing and using any of the listed viewers.