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Zen-2 Zen

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Support Email: zenajuran at gmail dot com
Second Life Contact: Zena Juran

Platforms: Windows Windows


The Zen Viewer is a v3 viewer based on the Second Life® viewer-development Snowstorm repository. It contains all the latest shines and fixes from the SL™ community plus a consolidation of unique features specific to content creation on the Second Life Grid™.

Features included in the Zen Viewer:

  • Adjustable Region Restart Timer.
  • Alt-Zoom Track Focus Toggle.
  • Announce Incoming IMs.
  • Area Object Search.
  • Audio Stream Title/Artist Info in Nearby Chat.
  • Avatar Shape Import/Export.
  • Clientside Animation Overrider (AO).
  • Clientside Particles Editor.
  • Close Nearby Chat & IMs on Empty Returns.
  • Color Picker LSL and Hex Values.
  • Copy/Paste Object Params.
  • Copy/Paste Texture Params.
  • Copy/Paste Worn Items.
  • Copy UUID on Right-click.
  • Ctrl-T to Toggle Conversations Floater.
  • Delete Prim Object Description.
  • Derender.
  • Dock Floaters In-Place.
  • Drag/Re-Arrange Tabs in Conversations Floater.
  • Embed Nearby Chat in Conversations Floater.
  • Enable Multiple Accounts at Login.
  • Enhanced Build Tools.
  • Fetch Inventory at Login.
  • Flickr Upload Option for Snapshots.
  • Full Screen Toggle.
  • Fly After Teleport Option.
  • Grid Specific Login UserNames.
  • Grid Specific UserData Directories.
  • Hypergrid Teleporting.
  • Inventory Hovertips Disable.
  • Invisiprim Support in Deferred Rendering.
  • Keyword Alerts.
  • Local Sculpt and Texture Browsing.
  • LookAt Hide/Show Options.
  • LSL Pre-Processor.
  • Mesh Upload.
  • Move Orphan System Folders for Deletion.
  • Notifications Logged to Nearby Chat and/or Instant Messages.
  • OpenSim Compatibility.
  • OpenSim OSSL & Aurora-Sim Scripting Functions.
  • OpenSim Prim Limits.
  • OpenSim Region Limits.
  • Paperwork PhotoTools and PhotoCam.
  • PathFinding Tools.
  • Pie Menu.
  • Pos. & Rot. Spinners for Attachments Enabled.
  • Push-to-Talk Toggle Checkbox.
  • Qarl's Build Align Tool.
  • Qarl's Rigged Mesh Deformer.
  • Quick Preference Button in Status Bar.
  • Remove Script Function.
  • Resized View/Cam Controls Floater.
  • Save and Load Scripts Locally.
  • Separate UserData and Cache Folders.
  • Show and Log IMs in Nearby Chat.
  • Show Avatar Location in Status Bar.
  • Show Blocked Chat in Nearby Chat History.
  • Show Profile Icons on Tabs.
  • Single/Multiple Line Text Entry in Nearby Chat.
  • Sound Explorer.
  • Spell Checker.
  • Temp Sculpt and Texture Uploads.
  • Texture Refresh.
  • Toggle "Log IMs".
  • Toggle Mouslook Instructions.
  • Toggle Notifications Top/Bottom Screen.
  • Toggle "Show IM History" in Conversations Floater.
  • TP Destination Beacon Disable.
  • UI Skinning.
  • Vertical Tabs in Conversations Floater.
  • V1 Style Legacy Profiles.
  • Visual Auto-Mute Controls.
  • Whisper/Mumble Voice Communications for OpenSim.
  • Worn Tab in Inventory.
  • Zoom Min. Distance Disable.

  • Kirsten's OpenJPEG Library.
  • NickyD's HACD Mesh Decomposition.
  • Large Address Aware.
  • Graded Shadows Support.
  • Normalized Blinn-Phong Specularity.


Disclaimer: Linden Lab makes no representations or warranties regarding any of the listed viewers or developers. These third-party viewers are not affiliated with or overseen by Linden Lab. Please take reasonable precautions, including virus scanning, before installing and using any of the listed viewers.