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[[User:Phli Foxchase|Phli Foxchase]]<br>
[[User:Phli Foxchase|Phli Foxchase]]<br>
[[User:Gally Young|Gally Young]]</font>
[[User:Gally Young|Gally Young]]</font>
<font color="#008000" size="#3">'''NOV/DEC 2007'''<br>
[[User:Jeff Kelley|Jeff Kelley]]<br>
[[User:Catherine Pfeiffer|Catherine Pfeiffer]]<br>

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Top Contributors to the Community Translation Project for French!

Project:Community Translation Project ~ Location:Pjira

The following are the top French translators (in no particular order) who have contributed voluntary, high quality translations to the project. Their efforts will improve the Second Life experience for the international community!

NOV/DEC 2008
Rafale Kamachi
Gally Young
Ourasi Ferraris
Laurent Bechir

Phli Foxchase
Gally Young

NOV/DEC 2007
Jeff Kelley
Catherine Pfeiffer