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Ana Imfinity

To see my contributions, please visit Second Life Geography.

Payment Info

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I have a piece of land in Achemon, 'House Of Freedom' close to the railway. Homeless people, feel free to come, rezz and play on the ground or in the sky platforms.

Also I have the 'Be Happy' shop on marketplace.

I am the head of Second Life Geography project:

Second Life Geography

I like to make people happy. If you need help, feel free to contact me.

For some males: I am not for your enterainment. You should be castrated.

I have an obsession for green.


Freedom Geography Green Railways Smoking Unconventional


The page you watch is my homepage.


My RL husband is also my SL partner.

Second Life Birthdate

July 08, 2012

Real World Profile Picture

It is not me there, but I started smoking at that age (10 years)

Real World Biography

I am a Circassian (from the Northern Caucasus). I am a woman, age 30, married. I work on the railway. My life is normal, as a wife and a mother. Not something unusual. My rl husband is my sl partner.

If you want more info, ask me.

I am a convinced smoker, I warned you. That is where my name 'Ana' comes from.

For more info, see my picks. It will give you a complete image.

Here, I am just a virtual girl in a virtual world. Even if I speak multiple languages, I prefer to use English here

Rays of green light. Bright and proud to be a Circassian [1]