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Ana Imfinity
It is not me there, but I started smoking at that age.

IMPORTANT: Second Life Geography team is currently moving to a new wiki. Find all our articles on the SLGI wiki.

To see my contributions, please visit Second Life Geography.

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I have a piece of land in Achemon, 'House Of Freedom' close to the railway. Homeless people, feel free to come, rezz and play on the ground or in the sky platforms.

I am the head of Second Life Geography project:

Second Life Geography

I like to make people happy. If you need help, feel free to contact me.

For some males: I am not for your enterainment. You should be castrated. Infidels, keep out.

I have an obsession for green.


Freedom Geography Green Railways Smoking Unconventional




My RL husband is also my SL partner.

Second Life Birthdate

July 08, 2012

Real World Biography

I am a Circassian (from the Northern Caucasus). woman, age 30, married. I work on the railway. My life is normal, as a wife and a mother.

I am a convinced smoker, I warned you. That is where my name 'Ana' comes from.

Here, I am just a virtual girl in a virtual world. Even if I speak multiple languages, I prefer to use English here.

If you want to know more about us, Circassians, see this short video.

Rays of green light. Bright and proud to be a Circassian [1]