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Athanasius Skytower is an avatar who runs a modest in-world business, Athanasian Virtual Services, and in his (or hers, or its) spare time, enjoys the virtual arts, exploring the grid, trying out new things to do in-world, and persuading scripts to interact with external software in increasingly improbable ways. Feel free to contact him in-world, or drop by his store any time, at: .

He also files bugs:

View the issues Athanasius Skytower has filed at

...Plurks at:

...created the PingHud HUD: responsible for the Curmudgeonly Second Life Advice series of blog posts:

...and is writing a book of guidance for new Second Life residents, tentatively titled Athanasius Skytower's Curmudgeonly Guide to Second Life.

...can be found on twitter