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Media Cafe

An interactive HUD providing connectivity.


  1. RequestURL
  2. registerServer( HTTP-DNS )
  3. notifyMasters Teacup

____ 1- anqi HUD ANQI @ WikiSpaces


vSync Forum

An object registers permissions on_rez with owner, then prompts owner with these options:

  • "RESPOND to current sub-topic, or START a new sub-topic?"
  • "Do something ELSE since this is your proxy, RESPOND to current sub-topic, or START a new sub-topic?"
  • "Please submit your response in the chat box now.)"
  • "Please submit new question in the chat box now.

(vSync Member script, below)

vSync Meetup

lorem ipsum...

vSync Member

lorem ipsum...


Under Construction in... SecondLife™ OSGrid