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BraadWorst Barth

welcome to my user page. over time i will update, and change my wiki page, to make it contain more information.


  • Languages
    • Dutch
    • English
  • Inworld
    • Scripting
    • Building
    • Textures
    • Sculpting
    • UI (bugs or settings)

About me

well, not really much to tell about me. started Second Life, about a year ago, got stuck in it. its a awsome place to be, if you know how to get around. and thats where mentor's like us in Second Life can help you with.

I started building and scripting few month's after i joined. and after all the time, i tried to write scripts. i am now able to script complete script's, and help people with their script's. i also build, becuase what would a script do with out a nice build around it. and what i make, and like, i put up for sale. My Shop (SLurl)🖈

and as you can tell, if you would see me, i'm a furry and proud of it. love to hang out with friends, and have fun. but i dont mind if you are human, neko or any other species. in the end we are all human's.

well that enough rambling, more will be added, and if you have a question or two, you can always IM me inworld, do note, when offline, IM's might get capped. but if i get them, i will get to you, when im back online.

Have a Nice Second Life