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Want to view Youtube movies on a non-V2 SL Viewer? Have a look at the TEKSTUFF Viewers. They're custom built upon the regular LL viewer and the Emerald viewer and enable you to view Youtube movies on TEKSTUFF mediascreens inside Second Life.

Have a look at

Using an older viewer with the Second Life grid

Old SL viewers can be found here.

Basic Resource Toolbox

Second Life Viewer Cheat Sheet

Check the Wiki page of Lum Pfohl for lots of helpful hints and tips!

Keyboard shortcuts? Here you go:

Being harrassed by messages in chat?

  • Check if they're 'Instant Messages'
  • If they're instant messages, make sure your IM's go to your email
  • Log off and wait until an email arrives in your inbox.
  • The email should contain a reference to the location of the object which is sending the messages
  • Log back in to SL
  • use the SLURL in the email to TP to the location of the object
  • remove the object.