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Personal Quote

Nothing is impossible if you want it bad enough.....

I've been a Member of Second Life since 10/4/2006 for more information please IM me


Note: all are welcome to add yourselves here or send me a message saying to add you :)"

Kitty Tandino


Second Life Mentor
Second Life Coach
Second Life Buddy
Second Life Greeter


Business-Sales and Marketing
Land & Estate
Project & Events
Building Basic and Advanced (Basic Prim and Sculpted)
Conflict Resolution

Hopes For Mentor Program

I'd like to see better training of Mentors

so that they are more equiped to help users through those first confusing times while they find their feet in SL More Classes and having them a "MUST ATTEND!" would be best in my thoughts. Also Making it harder to be able to become Mentors would be a good thought aswel.