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My second life style

I'm the creator of the Sculptie-O-matic; check it out!

I aim to make mad scientist type scripts and games in my spare time, the weirder the better.

I'm best contacted in-game.

My first life work

Surprise, I happen to be a programmer!

My past work involved:

-Finishing a half-done c compiler; that was the most fun!

-6 file formats conversions relating to polymesh and nurbs; the stability of my code lead my employer to give me a QA assignment when file formats were done.

-6 months of quality assurance; which is my best natural skill

-Some tiny amount of database work, which gave me the most money despite being the easy stuff - and also the most being shouted at by someone who has not even looked at my work at all. I prefer working for a programmer!!!

Talk here!

Or actually don't. Find me in-world, I only check the wiki like... monthly.