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I'm Digit Ditko a scripter and builder in Second Life®. I found out about Second Life by reading a article in the Linux Journal and fell in love with it immediately. Plan to stay as long as it still is running.

In my daily life, I have been an industrial designer for oil and gas collection systems, a lighting and scenic designer for the theatre, a geophysicist, and software engineer. I wrote software as a hobby for my first three careers, so I finally tried software engineering as a profession and found the one I have stayed with for 25 plus years.

My scripting in Second Life is a hobby, but I love to help others learn about it. Please feel free to contact me in-world.

Experience Scripting Notes:

A script that is part of an experience should always request experience permissions when ever it is reset.

This does not work.

    integer flag = llAgentInExperience (llGetOwner ());
    if (! flag)
        llRequestExperiencePermissions (llGetOwner (), "");

Just insure there is a call to llRequestExperiencePermissions () whenever the script is reset.


--Digit 09:57, 27 September 2012 (PDT)