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  • identity should be pluggable
    • [Please build a list of desired identity verification systems]
    • OpenID
  • various grades of verification should be possible
    • RL Identity Verification:
      • "Is the user exactly who he/she claims he/she is?"
      • Very strong verification. Permanently links ID of account to real-world ID of user.
    • Age Verification:
      • "Is the user old enough to be on this system?"
      • Weak verification. Minimum amount needed to maintain compliance with child online access laws.
    • Unique Verification:
      • "Is this user unique, or is it an Alt?"
      • Weak verification. Minimum needed to enforce bans due to TOS violations.
      • Very difficult to enforce due to ease of changing commonly-used identifiers: IP address, MAC address, hardware serial numbers/profiles, etc.
    • Virtual Identity Verification:
      • In a multi-site, multi-grid, multi-world and multi-national distributed architecture, RL verification is not feasible.
      • Multi-national ID verification might be provided through means such as OpenID provided by the user's ISP, such as what Orange Telecom has done in France.
      • RL identity must be safeguarded for residents living under conditions where human rights are not protected.
      • Relevant question: "Is this person XXXX the same XXXX I was talking to yesterday on a different world?"
  • Verification must not require sensitive data to pass through insecure systems or require storage of sensitive data (link virtual identity <--> RL identity is sensitive data, too)
  • It should be possible to attach an unlimited amount of agent from different domains to one identity