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Payment Info on File
  • Need help building? IM me inworld!
  • Gotta question? Ask me!
  • What I am in SL, which is a LONG list!!
    • Second Life Mentor! =D
    • Second Life Mental Mentor
    • Director of the sucessful Electric Op Ltd.
    • Part of Help People Management
    • Cove Island's Real Estate Agent
See Also:

We face the future by doing what we do, keep moving forward!! ^__^

Who am I?

Just a normal Second Resident, like you and me! Well first being a normal human avatar at the beginning and earning my first few lindens by camping, I set about building and helping around Second Life! :p

I am usually a chilled person who wouldn't kill you if you bugged him a lot but have to say, I hate people who uses what other people has worked or said and treats them as if nothing had happened! >:(

Unfortunately there are those sort of people out there, and it is best to choose the one that tends to help you, supports you and generally share their feelings with you. (Yes I am the nice one >:3)

What are my skills?

Give me a crate of snacks and drinks, one Sandbox and an unlaggable sim. Leave me be for like an hour and I can come up with some impressive commercial prefabs, trying to be as low prim as possible! (In short, yes I'm a builder ^_^ )

I do have a lot of other skills but I'll list them here, until I can be bothered to describe them:

  • Working properly as an estate manager and tweaking to get the least amount of lag in the sim.
  • Listening to conflicts, by hearing both sides of the story before acting
  • Directing new residents to some of the best areas in Second Life
  • Organising events (such as the charity event we're having on 12th Febrary)

Do I sell products in SL?

EH Creations Logo

Of course! You're welcome to take a peek at my store I have at SLX, OnRez or Apez! My store is affectionately known as EH Creations

Click here to view my store at:

Favourite Places to view in SL

Here are my shortlist of what's great to see in Second Life!


When I first came to SL, I went to Hawaii, sounds great doesn't it?

But the coolest part about Hawaii are these beach huts! You can use them for free. Thats right! Just find a hut thats not in use and you can claim it as your own.

The sim has a 10,000 minute timer (about 7 days). So you can rez objects in your hut to decorate it. And the hut is yours as long as you re-rez the objects at least every 7 days...

SLURL to Hawaii


Comeon, who can't resist going to Hollywood? Theres also the Second Life's Hollywood sign and the Hollywood Walk of Fame!!

SLURL to Hollywood

Kenroku-en Garden, Japan

Nooo, not the RL one, the SL version! A extremely beautiful place to visit and think. Plus you will be more amazed if you actually went there in Real Life, the view is mesmerising. But still, enjoy the SL version of it ^_^

SLURL to Kenroku-en Garden

Grendal's Children and Avaria

I met with the wonderful Piper Zuhal once, who showed me an amazing array of avatars that she and her team has created. What is more amazing is the high quality and the price, since the most expensive avatar (and highly detailed) only cost 200LD!! A wonderful shop to wander and shop!

NOTE: Not advisable to bring women as they will stay there all day

SLURL to Avaria Tor


Kowloon sim is based on the Playstation game "Kowloon's Gate". Its designed by a Japanese team from Jetgraphics.

SLURL to Kowloon

Aiot's Toon Wonderland

I say, who doesn't like going to a cartoony sim? Theres Mario, bouncy Sonic Jumppads and Mushroom Stools!!

SLURL to Aiot's Toon Wonderland

Cave of Doom

Well, I'll give two words. IT'S SPOOKY! D=

SLURL to Cave of Doom

Clock Island

Ever have this feeling? That numbers are in an hourglass flowing and mixing...

No? Then you have to come and see this.

SLURL to Clock Island

Devil's Labyrinth

In the maze, your mission: Get out and kill all the monsters within! D= Oh for the best experience, turn the sky to Midnight mode (Force Sun/Midnight) and switch the sound on (click the little "Play" triangle on your Music tab at the bottom of your screen) and step into the castle! >:3

Devil's Labyrinth

Devil's Moon

Devils Moon is a cyberpunk sim, along the same lines as Nexus Prime, Suffugium, and Saijo City. but with one cool feature, reflection! Oh and it's the home of ALICE the talking computer :p

SLURL to Devil's Moon

Dive World

The Dive World sim is operated by PADI, a group of humans who like those underwater tank thingies :P Bring a friend, grab a thingie, and explore underwater together :)

SLURL to Dive World


Luskwood is a community area similar in spirit to The Shelter and New Citizens Plaza. Except Luskwood has a strong furry orientation. Both Newbies and Oldies are welcomed, and there always seems to be a bunch of people gathered or dancing near the arrival area. So feel free to drop by, make some friends, and ask questions about SL or the furry community.

SLURL to Luskwood

Nexus Prime

Nexus Prime is an amazing city spanning multiple sims. It is one of the first sims in Second Life, so it has a rich history and years of additions and changes. What's amazing about Nexus is not just the size of the city, but the depth: specifically the number of levels the city has, both above and below ground. Just when you think youve seen everything, you find some hidden passageway into a new area.

SLURL to Nexus Prime

Sector 7

Sector 7 was built to promote the Transformers movie, released in July 2007. Sector 7 is also the meeting place for robot enthusiasts, as well as the home of the Sector 7 group.

SLURL to Sector 7


Silverscreen is a newly opened sim that promotes movies into SL!

SLURL to Silverscreen


Sploland is definitely a sim for people who love math and science! Its filled with interactive displays of visual illusions, scientific curiosities, and math stuff! (No, I'm not a geek :P)

There are displays that make use of SL's interactive nature to demonstrate some cool scientific principles and illusions...Come and see!

SLURL to Sploland

SS Galaxy

In short, SS Galaxy is 3-sims in size...Just like those monster cruise ships today!

SS Galaxy is basically a set of residential/commercial sims. The Fore and Mid sections of the ship are residential. And the Aft section is commercial.

SLURL to SS Galaxy

The Future

Just, just VISIT the Crooked House!!!

SLURL to The Future


Ever get the feeling you are being watched? Well, you are, in the Second Life sim called Suffugium. Suffugium is a themed commercial/residential sim modeled on a futuristic totalitarian city. Sort of cyberpunk in 1984 (the book). It is the work of a few private individuals, but one that is fun to explore, just because it is so different than the rest of SL.

SLURL to Suffugium

Thursday's Fictions

Thursday's Fictions is hosted by the Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS). Looks like the AFTRS sim is designed to make and screen movies in Second Life. It has movie production areas and also a screening area with a lot of short films to choose from.

SLURL to Thursday's Fictions

Toxic Garden

For an interesting SL adventure, check out the Toxic Garden :)

SLURL to Toxic Garden

The Wastelands

The Wastelands is a residential sim. That means people rent plots of land and build things on it to a common theme. The common theme here is post-apocalyptic. According to the Notecard, "think along the lines of: Fallout, Mad Max, Judge Dredd, Tank Girl, Auto Assault, Half Life 2, NeoCron, etc." "[K]eep in theme... Below 512: Castles and dragons don't fit in theme, Victorian houses do not fit, a playpen full of my little ponies don't fit, sadly." Yes no playpens, Nickie Docherty!

SLURL to The Wastelands

Greenies Home

Ever wondered what it feels like to be the size of a mouse? The Greenies Home is a "normal" home. Except its HUGE!!! By comparison, we are about the size of a little mouse. Just this living room/kitchen area is the size of the entire sim!

SLURL to the Greenies Home