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Hallo, Hei, Hi, Haere Mai, Salam, G'day, Bonjour, Hola, Aloha, etc,

I'm sure you will have realised that you are on my (Elwin Jacobus') wiki page.

I was inspired to become a mentor because of the fantastic experiences I had when I needed help with an appearance glitch that had me looking like a body builder every time I logged in. Now looking like a body builder is possibly quite attractive to some of you but I can assure you that it was not to me since I much prefer to look "normal" (that might require a definition since normal varies quite a bit from person to person). Anyway, I wanted to look svelte and, thanks to the amazing persistence of JenniferD Noel, I now do without having to edit my appearance every time I log in.

Jen spent quite a lot of time searching for a solution and came up with the answer to all my woes. Since then we have become firm friends and because of her shining example I decided to also become a mentor.

Jen and I are currently collaborating on a project on SL Volunteer Island the focus of which is to give fellow mentors a gentle tutorial on writing and using LSL scripts. You can find us at the Tutorial Colosseum

I speak English and Dutch fluently and can build a little, and am learning to script in LSL. I guess the best way to describe my skills is that I am a generalist who is able to use most of the building blocks in SL (be they sculpty prims, prims, textures, animations, gestures or scripts) but isn't quite so good at creating said building blocks (witness my bumbling efforts in Blender). My builds currently lack the finesse I would like them to have but, who knows, in time they might.

I am always ready to help and quite comfortable to try helping in languages other than English and Dutch. I can speak a little German, Spanish and French. Decorum forbids me from telling you in which other languages I can swear.