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AKA: [[User:Asbrandt_Resident|Asbrandt]]<br />
An LSL [and a minor bit of PHP] scripter with a particular interest in SLRPG frameworks and weaponry.<br />
An LSL Scripter with a particular interest in SLRPG frameworks and Weaponry.<br />
Not a whole lot else to add really, no history nor achievements to speak of.
<br />
[https://jira.secondlife.com/secure/IssueNavigator.jspa?reset=true&reporterSelect=specificuser&reporter=Asbrandt View my JIRA Reports]<br />
[https://jira.secondlife.com/secure/IssueNavigator.jspa?reset=true&reporterSelect=specificuser&reporter=Faust+Vollmar View my JIRA Reports]
[https://twitter.com/#!/Asbrandt Twitter]
I should probably create sub-pages for my projects with a bit more comprehensive information and less rambling, but that can come later.
: Should I post Source code for the OpenSource projects? I'm not sure of complications the Contribution Agreement could have on managing them.
The project sections sound like advertising; I didn't mean it that way but that's kinda how my attempts to jot down what I do turned out.
===[ Nexus CS ]===
* This is my pet project, an SLRPG framework, it taught me LSL as I've gone along since '08, <strike>and will teach me C# when we can use it in SL.</strike>
====Design Basis====
* A configurable Race/Class/Powers-based system in the vein of DCS2 and others like it, with some deviations from the standard model for such Systems.
* Non-profit System, all items related to the System are entirely Free and Copy+Transfer. (The System will remain available if I leave SL.)
*: Funding for content (Sounds, Particle Effects, etc.) would be on a Donation basis.
*:: Due to Copy+Transfer, Animations will not be part of the System. The Weapon API will inform weapons of casting, allowing them to play Animations.
*: Dealing with people -selling- the System will be a community effort. (The items are No Modify, making it difficult to disguise as something else.)
* No off-world Server. Sims use a Prim Server for Configuration storage. (The System will remain functional if I leave SL.)
*: No Stats Tracking; Experience Points/Levels, Kill/Death counts, etc. (This is a result, either positive or negative, of the Prim Server design.)
* Attempt to design Weaponry to meet the needs of Free Use, Cheat Proofing, Versatility and Fairness.
*: An open Weapon API for weapons to register their statistics with the CS Unit, which controls attacks internally. [Free Use, Cheat Proofing]
*: Some statistics are weapon-defined (within reasonable values), the CS Unit calculates others to create a balanced result. [Versatility, Fairness]
*: All weapons by all creators are equal. There will not be any form of 'enhancement' model. [Commercial Fairness]
====Current Status====
* Currently not available to the public, due to redevelopment to switch to the Prim Server design.
*: I sometimes make exceptions to this. Case-by-case thing. Contact me if interested.
====Outstanding Issues====
*: Raycasting currently does not allow for AoE Weapons, due to lack of a function for non-0 "Say" at arbitrary locations.
*: (Could not find an existing JIRA for a llSayAt or similar function request.)
====Design Feedback====
* Suggestions for new Power casting Modes or Types. If you need the current list, IM me in-world.
* So far only the Weapon API is complete. Specifications for other equipment such as Armor (if it should be used at all) have not been defined.
* Should World Owners have direct access to the Comms Protocol for Attacks/Powers etc, such as being able to set their HMAC key?
====** Comm Protocol Info====
# [ User Input Channel ] : 9
# [ Dialog Menu Channel ] : 99 (Positive to allow /99Menu to retrieve the Menu.)
# [ Public Protocol ] : x,000,000 to x,004,999 - Usage will be documented if/when it becomes necessary.
#: ''Channel;'' Weapon OpenAPI  = -1409000000
#: ''Channel;'' Status Display HUD = -1409000001 - (llAbs((integer)("0x"+llGetSubString((string)OwnerKey, 0, 7))) % 4998)
#: ''Header;'' = "NCS"
#: ''Payload;'' = Double-Pipe ("||") delimited, with Single-Pipe ("|") delimited sub-sets.
# [ Private Protocol ] : x,005,000 to x,009,999 - Not for Public Use; HMAC-Signed Data for Attacks or other System Comms.
#: ''Channel;'' Area Effects = -1409005000
#: ''Channel;'' Target Effects = -1409005001 - (llAbs((integer)("0x"+llGetSubString((string)TargetKey, 0, 7))) % 4998)
#: ''Header;'' = "NCS"
#: ''Payload;'' = Double-Pipe ("||") delimited, with Single-Pipe ("|") delimited sub-sets.
===[ OpenSource Weapons Systems ]===
* This was a project born of wanting my own take on the well-known LCK weapon scripts, but has since evolved over time into it's current state.
* Basically boils down to a project to make two base sets (One for Melee, one for Range) that can be used for SLRPG weapons.
* Intended for broad compatibility with any CombatSystems that do not require proprietary weapon scripts.
*: Plugin API leaves the door open for owners of systems that use proprietary weapon scripts to make plugins, if they so choose.
* There's really not much to say here. It does what it's meant to do and sometimes I add/fix something.
====Melee Weapon Scriptset====
* Current Version: 2.4.4; updated 29.Aug.2011
* Free on the [https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/NI-Melee-Weapon-Scriptset/1427318 SL Marketplace] or just IM me in-world.
=====Outstanding Issues=====
* No coordination between multiple MainHand weapons.
*: Lesser issue for Melee, but needs to be resolved for the Range version.
* HUD will issue commands to all worn MWS weapons at once, not always desirable behavior.
*: Not hard to fix script-wise, but I lack icon art for differentiating which button is which.
* Menu System complicated to setup. Not useful for the Color plugin at all.
====Range Weapon Scriptset====
* No Release: Working out issues with the Melee version, not well-versed in bullet rezzer design.
====** Comm Protocol Info====
# [ User Input Channel ] : 4 (Default, configurable to use any Channel > 0)
# [ Dialog Menu Channel ] : -99 (Default, configurable to use any Channel)
# [ Public Protocol ] : x,010,000 to x,010,999 - Protocol not likely to be used, however messages are documented in the Project's packages.
#: ''Channel;'' = -1409010000 - (llAbs((integer)("0x"+llGetSubString((string)OwnerKey, 0, 7))) % 999)
#: ''Header;'' = "OWS"
#: ''Payload;'' = Single-Pipe ("|") delimited.
#: NOTE: Versions 2.3.5 and prior, MWS sub-project comms did not have a Header and used channels -851000000 to -851999999.

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AKA: Asbrandt
An LSL Scripter with a particular interest in SLRPG frameworks and Weaponry.

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