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An LSL [and a minor bit of PHP] scripter with a particular interest in SLRPG frameworks and weaponry.
Not a whole lot else to add really, no history nor achievements to speak of.

View my JIRA Reports


I should probably create sub-pages for my projects with a bit more comprehensive information and less rambling, but that can come later.

Should I post Source code for the OpenSource projects? I'm not sure of complications the Contribution Agreement could have on managing them.

The project sections sound like advertising; I didn't mean it that way but that's kinda how my attempts to jot down what I do turned out.

[ Nexus CS ]

  • This is my pet project, an SLRPG framework, it taught me LSL as I've gone along since '08, and will teach me C# when we can use it in SL.
  • Non-profit System, all items related to the System are entirely Free.
    Funding for content (Animations, Sounds, Particle Effects, etc.) would be on a Donation basis.

Design Basis

  • A configurable Race/Class/Powers-based system in the vein of DCS2.
  • No off-world Server. Sims use a Prim Server for Configuration storage. This means the System will remain functional even if I disappear from SL.
  • No Experience Points/Levels, Character Stats are static, changed only temporarily by Buff Powers. (This is a result of the Prim Server design.)
  • Attempt to design Weaponry to meet the needs of Free Use, Cheat Proofing, Versatility and Fairness.
    An open Weapons API for weapons to register their statistics with the CS Unit, which controls attacks internally. [Free Use, Cheat Proofing]
    Some statistics are weapon-defined (within reasonable values), the CS Unit calculates others to create a balanced result. [Versatility, Fairness]
    All weapons by all creators are equal. There will not be any form of 'enhancement' model. [Commercial Fairness]

Current Status

  • Currently not available to the public, due to redevelopment to switch to the Prim Server design.
    I sometimes make exceptions to this. Case-by-case thing. Contact me if interested.

Outstanding Issues

  • Raycasting currently does not allow for AoE Weapons, due to lack of a function for non-0 "Say" at arbitrary locations.
    (Could not find an existing JIRA for a llSayAt or similar function request.)

Design Feedback

  • Suggestions for new Power casting Modes or Types. If you need the current list, IM me in-world.
  • So far only the Weapons API is complete. Specifications for other equipment such as Armor (if it should be used at all) have not been defined.
  • Should World Owners have direct access to the Comms Protocol for Attacks/Powers etc, such as being able to set their HMAC key?
    Or should the system stay with the tried-and-true method of closed-source scripts that check if their user/owner is a GM/Owner in the World?
  • (Big Design Question) Should the system remain purely for managing Combat, or branch out into other aspects of RP such as Capture or Non-Combat Skills?

** Comm Protocol Info

  1. [ User Input Channel ] : 9
  2. [ Dialog Menu Channel ] : 99 (Positive to allow /99Menu to retrieve the Menu.)
  3. [ Public Protocol ] : x,000,000 to x,004,999 - Usage will be documented if/when it becomes necessary.
    Channel; Weapon OpenAPI = -1409000000
    Channel; Status Display HUD = -1409000001 - (llAbs((integer)("0x"+llGetSubString((string)OwnerKey, 0, 7))) % 4998)
    Header; = "NCS"
    Payload; = Double-Pipe ("||") delimited, with Single-Pipe ("|") delimited sub-sets.
  4. [ Private Protocol ] : x,005,000 to x,009,999 - Not for Public Use; HMAC-Signed Data for Attacks or other System Comms.
    Channel; Area Effects = -1409005000
    Channel; Target Effects = -1409005001 - (llAbs((integer)("0x"+llGetSubString((string)TargetKey, 0, 7))) % 4998)
    Header; = "NCS"
    Payload; = Double-Pipe ("||") delimited, with Single-Pipe ("|") delimited sub-sets.

[ OpenSource Weapons Systems ]

  • This was a project born of wanting my own take on the well-known LCK weapon scripts, but has since evolved over time into it's current state.
  • Basically boils down to a project to make two base sets (One for Melee, one for Range) that can be used for SLRPG weapons.
  • Intended for broad compatibility with any CombatSystems that do not require proprietary weapon scripts.
    Plugin API leaves the door open for owners of systems that use proprietary weapon scripts to make plugins, if they so choose.
  • There's really not much to say here. It does what it's meant to do and sometimes I add/fix something.

Melee Weapon Scriptset

  • Current Version: 2.4.4; updated 29.Aug.2011
  • Free on the SL Marketplace or just IM me in-world.
Outstanding Issues
  • No coordination between multiple MainHand weapons.
    Lesser issue for Melee, but needs to be resolved for the Range version.
  • HUD will issue commands to all worn MWS weapons at once, not always desirable behavior.
    Not hard to fix script-wise, but I lack icon art for differentiating which button is which.
  • Menu System complicated to setup. Not useful for the Color plugin at all.

Range Weapon Scriptset

  • No Release: Working out issues with the Melee version, not well-versed in bullet rezzer design.

** Comm Protocol Info

  1. [ User Input Channel ] : 4 (Default, configurable to use any Channel > 0)
  2. [ Dialog Menu Channel ] : -99 (Default, configurable to use any Channel)
  3. [ Public Protocol ] : x,010,000 to x,010,999 - Protocol not likely to be used, however messages are documented in the Project's packages.
    Channel; = -1409010000 - (llAbs((integer)("0x"+llGetSubString((string)OwnerKey, 0, 7))) % 999)
    Header; = "OWS"
    Payload; = Single-Pipe ("|") delimited.
    NOTE: Versions 2.3.5 and prior, MWS sub-project comms did not have a Header and used channels -851000000 to -851999999.