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Flemming Congrejo

Flemming Congrejo

Flemming Congrejo - aka Flemming Nielsen in Real Life


CEO and owner of danish company Intoint A/S implementing e-business and Second Life solutions for companies.
Interested in investigating the possibilities in virtual worlds.



Intoint A/S is a Danish company dedicated to assist companies in utilizing the many possibilitis in virtual worlds.
Based on many years of experience with Internet and e-business, we assist companies in how they can best establish a presence in Second Life and how they can use this presence, to build up experience on how to best approach the upcoming 3D Internet.

Intoman game

Experiences from product inplacements in movies and computer games, Intoint experiments with using the 3D interactive possibilites in Second Life, to combine 3D computergames with a social community.
Intoman HP 01.jpg Intoman HP 03.jpg
This has resulted in the game Intoman - a 3D version of the well-known Pacman game.


Intoint A/S
Att. Flemming Nielsen
Farum Gydevej 65
3520 Farum

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Web company:
Web Second Life:

Phone: +45 70 20 51 10
Fax: +45 70 20 51 11