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Gina does work on behalf of the Sisterhood, to further the cause of Matriarchal Harmony, Peace in the Future and Love as Destiny. Gina manages the city called Future Femdom, in Second Life, networks with various Women's organisations and helps develop projects on the Zindra adult mainland with the Zindra Expo group, to benefit the adult mainland and Adutl Sl in general..


Gina's Second Life Profile:

The Ginette Pinazzo Story:

Future Femdom SITE:

Future Femdom BLOG:

Boot Goddess Gina Flickr Site:

Gina's Zindra Site:


A lot of material has been floating around (including on other User's wikis) with misinformation. Here is some truth: Zindra Expo group was created as an LL group to help develop projects (such as ZEXPO) to promote the adult mainland. The group has grown in a healthy way to encompass many projects (not just events) and also as mainland health leads to health of Adult SL. Among other benefits, ZE has evolved into a critical resource for central communication for many Zindra and Adult SL concerns. ZE is responsible for attraction and retention of residents, a marketing and promotion plan that has been synching with stated goals by LL. The positive and continuing contributions of this group are demonstrably impactful More detail about Zindra Expo group: