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== Skills ==
== Skills ==
;Project & Events
;Project & Events
;Building Basic and Advanced
;Building Basic and Advanced [https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Category:Builder SL_Recognized_Builders]
;SL Bug Hunter [http://Jira.SecondLife.com Jira]
;LSL Mentor and Programmer [http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Category:LSL_Mentors Mentors_Page]
;Programming / Computer Science
;Programming / Computer Science

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Project & Events
Building Basic and Advanced SL_Recognized_Builders
SL Bug Hunter Jira
LSL Mentor and Programmer Mentors_Page
Programming / Computer Science
Sim/Land Management
Anti-Griefing Theorist

Bug Hunter

Official Member of the SL Bug Hunters Jira

LSL Mentor / Programmer

I am currently an active LSL Mentor recognized by Linden Labs Mentors_Page. I also program in C++, Java, PHP, JavaScript, and other languages. I actively teach and tutor in a local college for our Computer Sciences Dept. and try to stay active with the programming community. I am not always available but will attempt to help you when time permits. I have been programming since my teens and have been scripting in LSL since late 2006.

Wonderful World of Meeroos

I love my roos... Also I appreciate "Team Roo" which I am actively working with. Thank you for giving me a chance to be a quasi-professional programmer in-world and an opportunity to work with one of the best customer oriented teams in Second Life!

Musically Speaking

I am both a real life and SL Musician. I've been floating around the grid aimlessly for a while now and still don't know everything. I enjoy talking about music and I enjoy the reward of knowing that what I do as a musician helps people in life. How? It helps with expression sometimes, other times it helps them cope with real life issues. I love to know that I make a difference in other peoples lives this way. Its sort of what you think of when you think of bartendars. They have an eager ear and a smile and will even suggest something. I can reach inside your soul with music and bring out a smile, and I love to do it.

Second Life Mentor (Program Closed)

(This program is now closed by LL) I am also one of those people too. I've learned a lot in the time I have been on the grid and greatly enjoy helping. Its rewarding because I know after I help you, your probably going to end up helping someone else later too. It improves the grid also because it makes your stay here more enjoyable. Less issues, less frustration. I have only been a mentor for a little while though but I am a hobo too... read on

Second Life Hobo

Hobo's in general are trouble shooters, helpers, builders, scripters, musicians, and more. We are very friendly and even have a infohub that we grew up in. This group has existed in Secondlife since 2004 and while we are now scattered in several group, the general ideas have not changed. We like to sit on things and help people.

Favorite Quote Ever

"Confidence is going after Moby Dick in a rowboat... ...And bringing the tartar sauce with you!"
-Zig Zigler

My Thoughts

Thank you to all the LL employees that have helped me over the years. While some are now gone or moved on, it is with your guidance at times through programs I have participated in that made me a bit wiser than the average users and I have used that knowledge to assist others in-World. If you need help come find me, I'm here to help, try to use F1 first though as I cannot address some issues that you may have. best part is, I do it because I enjoy it, not because I need money. I dont earn anything if I help you, other then maybe your friendship. I'm here mostly for the music scene, but I delve into other things also from time to time.

take care and look forward to seeing you In-World!