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Greg Colossus (a.k.a. Greg Colburn)

-Musically Speaking I am both a real life and SL Musician. I've been floating around the grid aimlessly for a while now and still don't know everything. I enjoy talking about music and I enjoy the reward of knowing that what I do as a musician helps people in life. How? It helps with expression sometimes, other times it helps them cope with real life issues. I love to know that I make a difference in other peoples lives this way. Its sort of what you think of when you think of bartendars. They have an eager ear and a smile and will even suggest something. I can reach inside your soul with music and bring out a smile, and I love to do it.

-Second Life Mentor I am also one of those people too. I've learned alot in the time I have been on the grid and greatly enjoy helping. Its rewarding because I know after I help you, your probably going to end up helping someone else later too. It improves the grid also because it makes your stay here more enjoyable. Less issues, less frustration. I have only been a mentor for a little while though but I am a hobo too... read on

-Second Life Hobo (Hobo Elder) I am one of roughly 14 hobo elders. Hobo's in general are trouble shooters, helpers, builders, scripters, musicians, and more. We are very friendly and even have a infohub that we grew up in. The hobo group does now have an island and we are growing fast, there are over 800 active hobos in over 20 countries. So language is also another knowledgable fact of some hobos. I am a Hobo Elder which basically means I have both been in the hobo group for a looong time, and also I am respected because I take my time to work with others on many different things, and usually its never for gain, only to improve SecondLife... Building a Community that you and I can enjoy.

Who am I really? Im a down to earth guy for the most, I make errors like anyone else, I have bad judgement on occasion, but I will admit my mistakes and faults publically. I ask you do the same also, it makes people respect you more. Come talk with me and I will if I am not busy, come listen to me and I will sing to your soul.

If you need help come find me, I'm here to help, try to use F1 first though as I cannot address some issues that you may have. best part is, I do it because I enjoy it, not because I need money. I dont earn anything if I help you, other then maybe your friendship. I'm here mostly for the music scene, but I delve into other things also from time to time.

take care and look forward to seeing you In-World!