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Second Life


Things I'm working on...

Sculpties from math...

I am learning to create sculpties by bulding algorithms that generate bmp files. I would like to create a script that builds the bmp file format without having to enter colors individually as I'm doing now.

3 dimensional animation & interaction...

I want to create prims that will move and rotate in the virtual 3d space. I want to experiment with limitations and rule sets to possibly allow the objects to react to outside interferences... ie. wind, sound, user reponse, pattern recognition.

Virtual world interaction of objects within real world...

Build robots that use the virtual world simulation and interact with it as it's perception of real world. For instance, I would create an obstacle course and use the physics engine to assess real limitations of the robot. The robot could build a map from the real world into the virtual world to give the engineer a visual representation of the robot's perception and interpretation of it's environment.


Since I have almost no experience in this, my projects may change due to various reasons. I will try to keep my back-burner projects as archives for the simple reason that my past has told me that some of my ideas have actually come to fruition.

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--Igmu Hammerer 14:06, 13 April 2008 (PDT)