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Rez Date November 3, 2007
Mentor Since June 2, 2008
Avatar Varies: Loli, Neko, Vampire, Electronic toy
Home Location Darkly CuteD
SL Skills Building, Some scripting, Messing with Havok4 , Finding out how it works and knowing a billion ways to break it (^_^)
RL Skills Solid Works, VB6, Finding out how it works and knowing a billion ways to break it (^_^)
Hobbies Anime, Music, Reverse-engineering =^-^=
Languages English and I often pretend to speak Japanese (<.<)

About Me

Nehehe... Look for the quirky little one gesture spamming laughs and giggles and it's probably me. It's not often that I actually have the Mentor tag on, but I totally use Mentor and Mentor Q&A group chat as a resource to get information I might not have myself. (^_^)

If you ever need help. Never forget to ask around. I'm usually in welcome areas or mostly in the Kuula region NCI sandbox. Just look for the short one knocking things over or blowing stuff up. I enjoy exploring what's available in SL in many ways. From things like torturing the physics engine to torturing other people in an RP sim somewhere. (^_^)y