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Thursday 31st Dec 2009
JP Bluebird
SL and RL Wife:
Katherin Bowdit
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About Me

I have been an active daily Scripter in Second Life since the day I joined. Already possessing the knowledge of numerous other scripting languages since the 90's, learning LSL became second nature to me. I have worked on a great number of different types of projects throughout Second Life and have developed products that are being used by many avatars.

When I am not writing a custom script for somebody or developing a new product, I am researching and learning new things that will keep my knowledge up-to-date. I love when new LSL Functions are added to the servers, it gives me more to learn, to understand, to play around with, and to develop into a project.

Word of Advice to Scripting Beginners

Scripting takes a lot of dedication and time. There is a lot to learn and a great number of resources at your fingertips to learn from. Be patient with your creations. If you get stuck, take a break from it. As you progress things will become easier and the way you script will improve greatly with each project you create. Format your scripts as best as you can. A properly formatted script can be easier to read and follow than most comments. It also allows you to spot errors more quickly. If you have a problem trying to figure something out, Google is an awesome resource to help track down a solution.

More Information to Come

Please stay tuned for further developments... More information to come at a later date.