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Just lil'ol me

Who, me? Meh, this and that, I'm your average avatar. I like to hang around the sandbox's and I'll help when I can.

You can usually find me on Bug Island pestering whatever linden happens by.

If you ever need help scripting in-world, give me a shout.

Scripts & Snippets

Feel free to use these however you want, I just ask for a IM if you do :P

  • AvatarTracker :: Tracks when and to where an avatar goes to another sim.
    • The forum post is here. (8th most viewed thread in the scripting library, 6th most popular script :D )
    • EEP! Dear god, its going to get nerfed! here!
  • MP3 Player :: A basic MP3 Player
  • Non-Physical movment script :: Fairly decent for being only one script.
  • Dynamic SitTarget :: Move a persons sittarget, while their seated.
  • !Detect :: Will show you the last two objects that could have blitzed you.
  • TP2CAM :: Will teleport you to your current cameras location.
  • SimpleCheck :: Incredibly simple way of doing basic protection in your objects communication.
  • Never_Returnv2 :: Stop objects from ever being returned.
  • ProfilePic :: Retrieve a users profile Picture.


These are simple tutorials to help with some common problems.

  • Email buffers to get around 20s delay.
  • Prim lock make a simple prim that stops all of an agents movements.

Common Backdoors

These will kill some of the more annoying items;

  • /911 die - kills those annoying pacmen
  • Force Prophecies - Set your alignment to anything you want.


These are for my own tracking.


  • A built-in code highlighter for LSL. I built one for my own wiki, and I find it disgraceful that this one doesn't. Sign your name On the TalkPage if you'll support me. I've got some Scribes who said they'll raise the matter at the next metting, as well I'll talk to my own linden friends.
    • If its giving you problems about creating account, its alright! You already have one, its your SL username/ password.
    • Forum post is here.
  • A 3rd-party public help channel, using a free hud and my servers as a backend. [50% done]