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Here's a quick sketch of what could be in the top level of a Second Life Help portal:
(I know nothing about the Teen Grid...if there are any changes that should be made to acccomodate that, please tell me)

It would also be great if there were a slap-you-in-the-face signboard in the middle of New User Orientation Island, Public OI, New User Help Island, and Public HI that displayed the URL to a wiki Help portal and also dispensed you a Notecard with the URL in it. Could it also Help menu? A Notecard already in your Inventory (& not your inventory Library, newbies won't find it there)?

Nearly all of these links are dummy links, put in just for quick illustration purposes.

However, the first link, for new users, does lead to a proposed page I'm working on.

Here is the unofficial, community-created guide to Second Life. For official support resources, as well as other user-created resources, both in-world and on the web, see "Where to get additional help".

Quick introduction for new users (residents)--Including tutorials
Dictionary--Including in-world slang
How to use the Second Life Viewer (client program)
Second Life topics:

  • Navigation--Tips on movement, the camera, teleporting, Landmarks, using the Map, etc.
  • Socializing--Tips on chatting, ettiquette, PG vs. Mature vs. Damage areas, Groups, how to find & meet people, communicating, IMing, sending Notecards, griefers, partners, etc.
  • Avatars--Including using avatars, the profile description, customizing, clothing, animating, etc
  • Sight-seeing--A variety of regions and venues, as well as guided tour options
  • Classes--In-world classes on in-world topics as well as real-world education
  • Entertainment & Events--Events, games, contests, concerts, discussions about movies/art/history/etc, movies, hosting, museums, sports, etc.
  • "Adult activities"
  • Combat
  • Role-Playing
  • Current events--In-world and web resources that provide information about Second Life culture, including hot issues, news, major Events, fads, & trends
  • Land--Information on buying, renting, and selling land
  • Safety and Security--Tips on safeguarding your avatar, possessions, account, etc.
  • Miscellaneous help--Including how to manage your personal Inventory, shop, open boxes, etc
  • Money--Including how to get more of it
  • Creating/Building--Information on creating buildings, clothes, accessories, objects, working with 3rd party programs, animations, sculpture, art, movies/machinima, etc
  • Scripting--Information on scripting, including LSL, Mono, etc
  • Jobs--Information about jobs
  • Businesses--Including common types of businesses & organizations, how to start one, etc.
  • Alternative Software--Information about alternative & pre-release software, including the Beta Grid, Dazzle, Windlight, etc.
  • Legal issues--Information about legal issues related to Second Life, including intellectual property, monetary issues, proposed taxes, etc

Troubleshooting Second Life
How to contact Linden Lab--For submitting bug reports, feature requests, questions, problems, etc
Where to get additional help--both in-world and on the web

Miscellaneous sites--Non-commercial, Second Life related sites

Index--Index to all help articles