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Facts about Jenni

Jenni Eales
  • Name: Jenni Eales
  • Birthday/Rezzday: 28.8.2007
  • Home:
  • SL-Partner: none
  • Favourite numbers: 9, 42, 69
  • Groups:
    • ASE(Aerobatic and Sport Event Team), Schiffsratten
    • 7 Hills, Naturist Resort - The Wild Coast
    •, Creative Sellers
    • The Temple of Isis, Tempel der Sklavinnen der Lust, Candles & Roses VIP
  • Favourite clothings: one piece swimsuits
  • Favourite color: P!nk, Linden Green
  • Languages: German (native), English, Java, LSL
  • Job: Virtual Builder and Scripter in SecondLife; Shop Owner
  • Hobbies: Sailing, Virtual Sports, Horse Riding, Pole Dance
  • Interests: MLPV2, OpenCollar, ThinC Book, Xcite!, Sensations, Qavimator, Rezz-faux
  • Profile: 47a783d3-87a8-41b2-ba5d-570772347cce

SL Business

  • Owner of the "Sensual Girls" Shop
  • Partner of "PAINTOY" and "H&M Design"
  • Xcite! Partner
  • Member of the German "Creative Sellers" Group

My Second Life

When I was "born" in SL I spent a lot of time to customize my avatar, find great places, meet people and make some money by hunting for camping chairs. I made friends to some German people that had a little Club named "Kuhstall". There I started to build the first items.

In the beginning of 2008 I rented my first piece of land, together with 3 other girls: The "Sensual Girls Island". We made it a virtual paradise and enjoyed the place much. Here I opened my first shop and started my little business.

After a bad argument with our neighbors we left. I moved my Main Shop to another place and found Meike, my first virtual love. We shared some weeks of happiness until it ended.

The next station of the development of my business was the collaboration with Kiki and the foundation of "Sera-Design". I started building houses, medieval prefabs and furniture. I lived for a while in a medieval pottery on the role playing sim "Omania". I started to build BDSM furniture and toys.

After another change I moved to Volksland Beach where my Main Shop has been for a long time.

In 2009 I felt the need to reduce my building efforts, when I had the impression I was getting too lonely. I hired as dancer and escort in the Temple of Isis, where I met wonderful people and made great friends. At the end of the year I found a new job at the Lighthouse Escorts, another really professional club.

Another important thing I discovered was virtual sailing. I became member of the German "Schiffsratten" Yacht Club, bought my first sailboat and learned the basics of sailing. I found, that I preferred cruising around the sailing sims rather than participate on races, and started to build my first own boats.

The PAINTOY Factory

At the end of 2009 I met 2 great builders of BDSM items and started a cooperation:

The PAINTOY Factory was founded to bundle our activities, achieve synergies between our business and share product development in the future.

My new friends and business partners are:

Vampirella Nightfire, founder of "P A I N T O Y", has a certain sense for the design of BDSM toys und her impressing ideas for innovative products. She is organizing the business and product marketing.

HoneyPot Honi, her sweet slave girl, is the mistress about the chains and ties. She is running the Shop "H & M Design", offering fetish outfits, intimate piercings and BDSM accessories.

The Main Shop of the PAINTOY factory is located on PAINTOY (160, 137, 25)🖈.

My Real Life

Yes, I still have a real life... I still use it now and then, but I don't like to talk about it much.

I live in the wild South of Germany and work as a Web Designer. Guess this should be all you have to know about my RL.

Please don't ask me about further details, my age, my cup size... And I don't want to meet, date or make love to you in RL... Thanks.

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