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Jimmi Stapleton's Page on the Second Life Wiki

Jimmi03.png Born Date: 10/18/2006      Residence: Green Apple Island      Status: Employed

    Welcome to my page on the Second Life Wiki. For those of you that don't know me, I am a partner in the in-world land management firm of Imagination MEC. I am also a frequent visitor of Help Island Public🖈, where I enjoy sharing the wealth of knowledge I have gained through my travels in the wonderful world of Second Life. I love to help in any way that I can, and I am very familiar with most of the aspects of not only the world, but the viewer itself as well. My rL job is in the field of IT Technical Support, and I have found over the years that I have a "nak" for explaining very complicated things in a rather simplified manner.

    My biggest strengths are in the areas of scripting and buliding, though I do have experience in many other aspects such as clothing design, texturing, sculpties, and more. If I can assist you in any way, please feel free to IM me in-world, or email me at

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