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Kenn, in RL, is a professional freelance programmer specializing in web-based business logic programming (as in, the stuff that makes things work rather than the stuff that makes things pretty). Languages of proficiency (at varying degrees) include PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, C#, MSSQL, ASP.NET, and, of course, LSL. His web-development company is called Aeonvox.

When Kenn is not at his computer (he's usually at his computer), he's skateboarding, causing mayhem with friends, or training the occasional client at the gym (NSCA CPT). Kenn currently lives in New Mexico after stints in Utah, Washington, Idaho, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Massachusetts, Florida, and Southern California. He plans on returning to Southern California as soon as he can afford financially to do so. Kenn studied Economics in college at Boston University and is also a licensed commercial pilot and flight instructor.

SoCal Culture

Kenn Nilsson's first business in Second Life was started shortly after he joined (join date May 24th, 2005). From June 2005 until August 2005 Kenn Nilsson sold prefab homes built for 512 sq. m. plots, furniture, and a very small selection of collared men's shirts under the name SoCal Culture.

At the beginning of September, 2005 Kenn closed down SoCal Culture and began to concentrate on scripting under the business name Nilsson Development Enterprises. He has expressed interest in revitalizing SoCal Culture as a casual-clothing and SL surf shop sometime in the future, but other projects (and a lack of clothes-making skills) have prevented him from doing so thus far.

Nilsson Development Enterprises

Founded in September, 2005, Nilsson Development Enterprises has been Kenn's primary business in Second Life since that time. The company's first products were doors and windows, originally scripted for SoCal Culture as part of the prefab homes sold under that name. While doors remained the most popular selling item at NDE, the company later offered a wide selection of professionally scripted items. Several items (Rental Boxes, Network Vendors, and Timeclocks) had full web-integration capabilities through NDE's website.

Nilsson Development Enterprises was renamed as AeonVox in late May, 2008. All NDE products continue to be supported by Kenn Nilsson, but all new products are released under the AeonVox name. The NDE website was closed permanently on March 1st, 2010.


In late May, 2008, the NDE name was changed to AeonVox, combining the name and business interests of Kenn's web-programming business with his Second Life scripting business. AeonVox in SL has carefully updated and rescripted (from the ground up) every single NDE product, as well as added a variety of new products to its list of available offerings. AeonVox in SL concentrates on serving a limited number of private clients with robust scripting solutions and experienced business consulting. The business also holds a public storefront on RPS Island.

The name AeonVox is a fictitious word, created through the combination of two separate latin words - Aeon (meaning age or era) and Vox (meaning voice or communication). We term AeonVox as meaning "age of communication". It is the goal of AeonVox to get the voice of our clients to their customer base in a clear, concise, and productive way.

Blackflag & Jezebel

BNJ was founded in January, 2007 by Kenn Nilsson as a company dedicated to role-play systems and the scripts associated with them. It's first, pilot endeavor was the creation of MCS2.0 for Midian City, which was completed in early December 2006 but not implemented by Midian City until March, 2007 (after the release of RPS version 1.00.00). BNJ does not currently (nor has it ever) receive L$ for MCS and does not support it.

BNJ's second product was the RPS (Role-Play System), adopted first by Karamoon in March, 2007 (before the release of MCS2.0). The RPS is an advanced combat and role-play meter system for role-play regions in Second Life. Unlike most other systems in Second Life, RPS is not based off any other system but is rather a system unto itself and contains many unique and ground-breaking features. RPS v1 was discontinued on May 1, 2008 with version 1.14.22. RPS2.0 was discontinued on May 1, 2010 with version 2.10.02. RPS3.0 is the current version of RPS, released on May 1, 2010. The official bnjrps website is here.

SLiRP Magazine

SLiRP Magazine was launched on September 1st, 2008. The purpose of the publication is to cover the world of Second Life interactive Role Play (SLiRP) in a manner that is useful for players, administrators, region-owners, and businesses. Two in-world issues were released before other projects took over and it was no longer possible to publish an in-world version of the magazine. The magazine will resurface as a blog-style online magazine sometime in 2010 and may have a new name.

Old issues of SLiRP Magazine can be picked up at XStreetSL. The publication is free, paid for by advertisers.

AeonVox Scripting Institute

AVSI enjoyed a short run, with full classes, in early 2009. It is envisioned that a re-organized version of AVSI will be re-established in late 2010 or early 2011.