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Greetings and Welcome to LadyMuse Gray's mentors Profile page here at SecondLife, a little information about me I guess is in order...

I am a 30 something female who has been using SecondLife since 2004, I enjoy helping new and old to the grid.

Within SecondLife I own and run Nyxstium Designs and I am a builder, dancer, shop attendant and Mentor. Outside of SecondLife I am a Graphic/Web Designer and College Level Instructor. I am also a an avid Macintosh computer user and have been using the platform since it was known only as Apple (my first computer was an LC, current is a 2.3 GHz G5 Dual Core)

I live in Ontario, Canada and was born here to boot, but I enjoy traveling, my primary location to travel to is the Isle Of Man.

At heart I am a fur, and below you will see my chosen fur av, also included is one of the human av's that I wear (mostly related to work, at rest/play fur is my choice)